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Im looking at 2 similar products and can't decide between them.

One has 5 x 5 star reviews. When I look at the reviewers, each reviewer has only reviewed this item. They have not reviewed anything else.

The other has 6 x 5 star reviews and one 3 star review. Each reviewer has also reviewed several other items, many related to the product in question.

Should I be suspicious of the 5 x 5 star reviews. Im thinking they may be from people involved somehow with the product. Would you also think this?
16:18 Mon 13th Feb 2012
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"Would you also think this?"
I'd certainly be suspicious.
I am inclined to ignore all reviews....unless they come from folk in AB.

A giveaway for some fake reviews is often the similar style of wording in reviews from supposedly different people, the use of a not-too-common word, identical phrasing, etc.
Don't you have to have bought the item through Amazon to be able to give it a review?
It's worth taking into consideration, but wouldn't the normal situation be that maybe a lot of folk have only bought one item and opted to tell others about it ? I don't believe one can automatically assume the one review reviewer is necessarily a con. In fact were I do try to bolster an item I'd make darned sure I put a few dozen reviews "under my belt" to avoid suspicion. As is always the case, you make your mind up and go with the risks. Fair to say if you were in a shop you'd not get any reviews at all.
Don't forget that Amazon's returns policy is fabulous, so you can return it easily if you decide you've bought the wrong one.
It would be worth looking at when all the reviews were made aswell. If they are all within a short period of time, I'd be suspicious.
"Don't you have to have bought the item through Amazon to be able to give it a review?"

I would decide if they had an address which you can check or view on google maps,or a phone number.

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