Midnight Mass


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Will You Be Going To Midnight Mass This Christmas Eve?

A. No, I never go.
70.14% (101 votes)
B. Yes, I go every year.
13.89% (20 votes)
C. No, but I do celebrate in different ways.
13.89% (20 votes)
D. Yes, but this will be the first time
2.08% (3 votes)

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09:31 Thu 01st Dec 2011
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No, not this year, but we have gone before......very festive and welcoming.

This year, we'll be over with our niece and her family in Lanzerote over Christmas. ....0)
Its snowing on Answerbank, how sweet!!!!!!

I will be working from 15.00hrs to 22.00hrs then I will go home and maybe sup a few alcoholic beverages before retiring to the pit :-)
Yes I attend Midnight Mass every year.

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