Musical anagram quiz

aaaabcddeeimnooprsstttt 3 words, can get president but nothing else matches. Can anyone help thanks Heccy
10:52 Thu 28th Oct 2010
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Title or artist or both?
Tempations is in there
Temptations I meant
Try posting this in music or puzzles,
Any more info for us on this, heccy?
Is it a group/artist, a song. or both? Or is it 3 different artists?
Is there any reason to think PRESIDENTS is part of the answer? Or could it just as easily be Station or Temptations or Present or Deepest or something else?
'composers' is there isn't it?
Ahh, I did a search on aaaabcddeeimnooprsstttt and found the question has been asked on AB before.

It seems the answer is a musical. No-one could answer it last time and there was a feeling some letters may be wrong.

How close is it to Dreamboats and Petticoats?
Just checked- DREAMBOATS AND PETTICOATS fits exactly
Hoped this helped.

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