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Not sure if this is really a science question (maybe it should be in technology). Anyway: How can I fix this keyboard so I can get mathematical and scientific symbols such as powers, roots, degrees, pi ,fractions, chemical formulae etc. Eg 11/2 is not "one and a half" , n2 is not "n squared" and C6H6 is not benzene. Any ideas ??
17:20 Fri 12th Mar 2010
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It's not the keyboard you need to fix - just use appropriate software - for example, Microsoft Office and Open Office both have equation editors.
Or use Latex. It's what most people in the sciences use nowadays. iF you don't know what Latex is, do a google search. There are free downloads of Latex software out there.
you mean things such as CH₃, √2, 4³, ¼ ͫ?
You can get a lot of symbols by using the Alt key and up to three digits. E.g. Alt +253 gives the squared symbol ², Alt +252 gives the cubed symbol ³, Alt +171 gives ½. Unfortunately, they are not exactly easy to memorise, and don't (as far as i know) give you all the symbols you are likely to need. If you are in a 'Word'-type programme you can go 'Insert' > 'symbol' then get pages of symbols and foreign language letters. You can then copy and paste them from there to a boz like this that does not have an Insert option
'boz' = 'box'

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