magnesium & copper sulphate

what happens when you add magnesium to copper sulphate
16:11 Thu 06th Nov 2008
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You get a displacement reaction. The more electropositive magnesium metal goes into solution forming magnesium ions and the copper ions receive two electrons and form metallic copper.


Magnesium + copper sulphate = magnesium sulphate + copper
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Thank you for that, though it wasn't quite the answer the boss lady was looking for ! She wanted to know what happened to the water (which I assume the copper sulphate is dissolved in). Next time she wants a question posted I think I'll enter it for her rather than letting her do it herself !
Nothing happens to the water. The water is simply an ionising solvent which allows a transfer of electrons to take place between the magnesium metal and the positively charged copper ions.
Question Author
Thank you Teddio, I'll pass that on to her
Basicaly magnesium is more powerful than copper so it shoves copper out of the way and makes magnesium suphate + copper! simples!

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