Flat Earth

If 75% of the world's surface is water and water finds its own level, why is the world not flat
17:37 Wed 17th Sep 2008
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Your question doesn't make sense. Why would water finding its own level have any effect on the shape of the earth? The human body is between 55 and 78% water, so presumably you think people should be flat as well?
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It's rather like asking why water in a tumbler does not make the tumbler flat.

The water finds its own level around the shape of the earth (which is indisputably - almost- round). It does not alter the shape of the earth (except slightly here and there by means of erosion).
Question Author
You are wrong

The world could be like a cup and the water would be still be flat inside the cup

New Judge
The water at the top of the tumbler is flat

Neither of you have the correct answer
Your question does not make sense. All large areas of water have a curved surface. The water level is always at right angles to the Earth's gravitational field lines. This observation supports the fact that the Earth is spherical (or at least an oblate spheroid)
As Teddio points out, the water in my tumbler is not flat, but slightly curved, following the curvature of the earth.

In any case that is not the point, you asked why the water does not dictate the shape of the earth, so my tumbler analogy holds good.

Nothing more from me on this rather ridiculous question.
The world is not a sphere either. Differences in gravity in different parts of the globe mean that sea level is significantly lower in places.
If the earth was falt then gravity would just make the water flow to the under side of it.
But as the world isn't flat and never has been this question is a bit silly.
Apparently not even in the middle ages did any one think it was flat.
They thought the sun orbited us but thats about all.
Earth hold the water and not otherwise. 75% earth surface is covered by water. It is true that water fill the deeper cracks, low lying areas and crevices, we live on the upper levels or raised areas of the earth. Earth exist because of its round shape like boll
Isn't it the gravitational pull that keeps the water on this planet pretty much in the form of a ball?
wildwood yes it is
I think care in the comunity is failing here, what a kn0b! Stay out of science until you have some clue of the basics.
Question Author
I'm afraid you have all failed.

The answer is that any curved surface is made up of infinitesimally small straight lines.


include yourself. Your "answer" does not answer the question at all and is also, at best, inaccurate.

Straight line segments, infinitesimal or finite, are one- dimensional. They cannot make up a two-dimensional surface.
Like I said, stay out of science, well at least until you can grasp the Gravity/mass relationship.
Water you takin' about? Your theory doesn't hold H0� . . . Anyone with any scent�s would quicklie reelise that Earht is of coarse an oblate cubicoid.
In all the pictures it looks round.
Unless of course my perseption of round it wrong.
pitchers are two dementional and thus do not faithly render oblate cubicoids into fool prespective!
Gravity tries to pull everything to the center of the earth. As the earth is a sphere, this results in all the water being spread evenly over the solid (mean level) surface. However, because of the gravitational pull of the Moon and to some extent the Sun, tides result in the level slightly changing from being uniformly even over the globe.

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