Car and Plant Cell Parts.

What is the cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chromosome, mitochondria, golgi body, lysosome, vacuole, cytoplasm, flagellum and ribosome of a car? Write an analogy.
00:56 Wed 17th Oct 2007
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membrane - hmmm. Allows passage between external and internal media - various parts - the exhaust, air intake, petrol cap, oil cap
mitochondria - release energy from fuel for use by the cell - probably the combustion part of the engine or the engine itself
cytoplasm - the substance in which reactions take place to keep the cell alive - anybody's guess - maybe the engine casing?
Vacuole - used for storage - petrol tank?
Flagellum � to propel the car � wheels/ driveshaft
Ribosomes � assemble essential molecules to allow cell division � doe a car have this part??
Golgi body � processing and packaging of secretions � exhaust system?
Nucleus � the driver? Tells the cell what to do
Lyosomes � help digestion of food in the cell, working on substances from the vacuole. Something in the engine that helps to convert petrol into heat � the spark plugs?
Don't quote me, I'm a physicist! This could all be nonsense.
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thank you physicsgirl
You're welcome!
So you dunno what the ribosomes is? and what about the reason why u think so? (am i asking too much?)
The interrior for chromosomes because it is the detail.
The Cell Membrane is like the interior.
The Chromosome is like the interior.. My bad.

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