Where Can I Buy Dry Ice? (in UK)

i want some to play with basically, and im wondering if theres a supplier, i live near nottingham/sheffield area and wondered if theres any suppliers there, or, im pretty friendly with the head of science at my old comprehensive, is it worth asking there? or any other local services that use dry ice they could give away? thanks
00:30 Tue 19th Sep 2006
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We used to get ours at the local ice cream store. You could try there.
know any DJs? it's used in some smoke machines.
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ive been on the directory before, and we dont have a specific store for ice cream lol. mum said to try the music store in town cos they use it for their smoke machines (like mentioned before)
Try looking for a Theatrical Suppliers in you area, they should be able to get it for you.
Question Author
cool, so im to try the local theater, the school labs, college labs, and music stores. friend also suggested a meat warehouse down town.... they use it for walls as its better than normal ice
you can get it from the dry ice selling shop
Im Sure BOC in Derby sell it.
major if not all catering firms use it to keep sorbet frozen so contact a catering firm.if your having trouble getting dry ice use fresh ice -none of that frozen stuff! but seriously try caterers.
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i work in a kitchen so that shud be relatively easy =p

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