Bird Strikes can cause aircraft to crash

Birds entering a jet engine can destroy it and cause the plane to crash.
I wonder if it would be possible to mount a freewheeling,four bladed propeller in front of the jet engine to destroy the birds before they are ingested into the jet engine. (The propeller would be driven by the wind in the same way that a Dutch windmill turns in the wind)
13:31 Thu 22nd Mar 2012
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I can't understand why jet engines do not have a grille on them to prevent birds being sucked into them.

Perhaps a set of blades so that they come out the back diced and roasted. I can see that ryanair would go for that :-)
Maybe they should make a law banning the use of landfill sites near to airports. Stansted has at least 2 landfill sites within about 2 miles of the runway.
Ha, love that jomifl, anything for a quick euro
Your cutting blades are unliklely to cut fine enough to avoid making the engine blades just so many particles.

Wouldn't your propeller get sucked in too ?
I asked this a few years ago and one knowledgeable person said it has been tried but it would not work.

My thought was that a grill would work too, but apparently not so.
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Aaaaaaaaaahh, I see where the problem is. You've all been working on a grill when you should be thinking about a grille. Or not.

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