Dingbats Quiz / Can Anyone Help PLEASE!!!!!!!

I am stuck on the following Dingbats does anybody know these please.
1) O O
3) JOHNAG (this is elongated on my quiz sheet)
4) Gone with the win
6) Summer (with a tick in a box beside it)
21:38 Tue 11th Nov 2008
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3. Long John Silver.
4. Never ending story?
Question Author
thanks very much for those two, simple when you know the answer!!!!
1. Au pair

4. Cut a Long Story short
6) Season ticket
5 - canvasser (tent - canvas, gent - sir)???
Question Author
thanks everybody you have all been a great help, just one to go 5) TOUCH

this is exactly how it is shown on my sheet
Question Author
Sorry should have checked before i posted request, the word EARTH is situated directly under the word TOUCH
Feeling on top of the world.
That took some getting!
Question Author
Thanks everybody for your help, quiz is now finished fingers crossed.

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