The Great Logo Quiz

Help please, I need to identify the following company logos, hope the descriptions ared enough to go by, thanks:-

1. Hammer and sickle with wings in blue.

2. Gold eagle clutching a crescent moon.

3. Black butterfly.

4. Solid blue circle with 5 white lines across centre.

5. Solid Yellow circle with a blue bird in middle.

6. Solid Gold circle with 2 red bulls facing each other.

7. Solid black circle with looks like 3 tuning forks in a cross. Could be a pharmaceutical co.

8. Cartoon Lemon with big cheesy grin.

9. A red domino with a one spot and two spot and a solid blue domino.

10. Wings with anchor and letter B.

11. Black outline square with statue of liberty and cloud.

12. Large curly letter r.

13. Black boot with wings.

14. Black letter T in Black circle.

15. Flag, blue top and bottom with half white half red middle.

16. Purple and blue bell with yellow clanger.

17. Lions on a Crown.

18. initials SB.

13:42 Thu 17th Mar 2005
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18. Smithcline Beecham (the company that used to make the MaCleans toothpaste)

9. Domino's Pizza

9.  Domino's Pizza?
8. Walmart
6. Red Bull
Oh and 15 might well be Tommy Hilfiger
14. Might be Topshop

5. Sun Valley

1. Aeroflot - Its a Russian national  air carrier
If you really want to know the answers, I think you'll find they are all here

Question Author
Pipcount, go to the top of the class. Thank you.
7. Yamaha
I too have benefitted from Pipcount's answer, so thank you very much.
1 - Aeroflot

2 - Allied Dunbar

3 - Chrysalis

4 - Minolta

6 - Red Bull

7 - [i'm not sure] Yamaha

8 - Hooch

9 - Dominos

10 - Brietling

11 - columbia tristar

14- Sergio Tacchini

15 - Tommy Hilfiger

16 - Taco Bell

18 - Smithkline Beecham

i think i'm right! i don't know the others...

-- answer removed --

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