cryptic clue solver

does anyone know a site that i can download to give me answers to cryptic clues thanks
10:29 Fri 26th Nov 2010
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thanks i'll try
noticed her
sounds like a type of music
a bit of a wreanch
not colder, i think i hear
cat at sea. lost one of its nine lives

all have the name of animals but i dont know how many letters

Question Author
sorry last one is, cat all at sea. lost one of its nine lives
4 otter
Question Author
thank you
5 octopus
Question Author
thanks again
Question Author
by the way it should read wrench
2 tarantula ? because it sounds like tarantella
Question Author
not sure on that one but you could be right
Question Author
going to put that in thanks
3 monkey ? because the full name is monkey wrench
Question Author
thank you just one to go
Spider (spied her)
Could type of music be Sole (soul)
Question Author
brilliant, thanks to you both
Can anyone solve this cryptic clue, Quietly mixed up debate. The answer is a capital city but I don't know how many letters are in the answer. Many thanks
Quiet = P
Debate = Airs
Answer = Paris
bit of a WRENch

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