The Rag Trade

Can anyone confirm for me (or otherwise) whether there are duplicate answers in this quiz?. I seem to have the same answers for nos. 8 and 50 and again for numbers 41 and 19. I would suspect I have to go back to the drawing board!
18:34 Tue 29th Jun 2010
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8 and 50 are definitely different

as are

19 and 41
Question Author
thank you mamyalynne , drawing board it is for me again.................
8 belonging to gives an indication it must end in a particular letter!
Question Author
Have woken up properly to-day mamyalynne, of course it does! thank-you very much.
You are welcome its a nice quiz too isn't ti?
Question Author
It is a very 'memory' testing quiz, I should try to remember what I was made to wear for some of the answers!!!! Thank goodness they are gone!! (i.e. no.14) But they were happy days.....

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