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Good Morning! Can anyone help with the location of the pink Easter Egg, please. Have found the others and have hunted high and low but cannot find the pink one. Many thanks!
10:50 Sun 04th Apr 2010
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Page 78 (0 in April 20)
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Many thanks bod762. How can such a silly competition drive you nuts!!!!!
Where is the green one is it page 11 in football section?
Question Author
Sorry, Brendan, have just come back on line so this may already have been answered elsewhere. Yes, the green one is in the football section on p11.
Question Author
Sorry, spelt your name incorrect, Brenden!
the striped blue one still evades me....any hints please as it is driving me mad!!
Question Author
Hi TimB6, the striped blue one is on P49 in the hand of the Yoga lady!
Many thanks....makes one feel a bit stupid when it is so obvious!
page21 page36 page 49 page78 page 11sport section
page 21 page36 page 49 page78 page 11sport section
The pink is on page 21 just below centre left hand side

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Hi I am searching for the last easter egg in the Easter Egg Hunt, and the orange coloured one is eluding me - does anyone know the page it is on? The pages I have at the moment are - 21, 43, 88 and 59...
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page 14 /20/41 & 53...
Sorry, have all the eggs except the ORANGE one. Said it was driving me mad! Thanks everyone...

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