Confectionery quiz

Sorry I accidentally posted this under crosswords:

All answers are types of confectionery

4. Fisherman's bait (8)
43 Not footballers (7,5)
45. Celebrations (6)
15:38 Mon 25th May 2009
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43 everton mints
45 revels
Norfolk-Lass as I also am, I have Wrigleys for number 4.
Can you help me with 17 Seen at a racecourse (3,4)
44 Bad from birth (11) & 46 Layer (5)
Thanks in anticipation . Good Luck with quiz.
Question Author
Dear birdie73

17 - tic tacs
44 - bourneville ( born evil - I liked that one)
46 - Flake? Just a guess.

What do you have for 10 - sticky grumble (7)?
Thanks so much Norfolk-Lass thats another quiz finished correctly or otherwise !!!
For no 10 Sticky Grumble I have WINEGUM.
Good Luck with quiz.
Question Author
Hi birdie73 Thanks for your answers. I really enjoyed this quiz. Good luck with your submission. Which quiz shall we choose next?!!

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