Proverbs and Sayings (initial letters)

n t t f n h t s

d a a g b f
21:21 Wed 20th May 2009
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diamonds are a girls best friend

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Proverbs and sayings. Initial letters for the words. 1. ASA a BB 2.DM a MOO a MH 3. TMTOFI the S many thanks for any help....
initial letters L.N.H.G.O.T
These have been asked earlier with no results. Closing date is coming up soon. Initial letters are: (1) T.A.S.W.W.T.S.D. and (2) T.D.A.G.T.H.A.
Any suggestions for a three word proverb or saying with initial letters F N and D? Thanks in advance.
the initial letters given are a well known phrase or saying s.o.o.a.h.a.d.o.t.o
initial letters I.H.R.S.

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