chat special puzzles issue 3

hi does anybody have the answers to puzzles 3, 5 and 11? Thanks
19:45 Thu 05th Mar 2009
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I've come up with the following (hope they're right!):

Puzzle 3: Leonard Nimoy
Puzzle 5: A1, A2, A6, B1, E5, F2, F3, F6
Puzzle 11: Sail

Would you happen to have the answers to:

Puzzle 2; and
Puzzle 14.

I came up with 'Handiwork' for Puzzle 9 - would you agree with me?

Hope above helps.

Question Author
thanks greyhound- for puzzle 2 i got sand, and puzzle 14 i got A. I thought puzzle 9 was many hands make light work??
My thanks to you as well beverleymot.

I'm sure your answer to puzzle 9 is the correct one - mine doesn't make sense now.

I always get stuck on this puzzle and the 'ladder'!

Question Author
i get stuck on the whole magazine- i fly through the chat, TAB and thats life but all of there special magazines i can never do strangely enough

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anyone got the answers to puzzles 5 and 11? thanks
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