what are the missing capital letters

1) in 1900 S O opened in P
2) IN 1906 V B is opened in L
3) the G the official S P of N G is established

all replies appreciated x
22:58 Fri 20th Feb 2009
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1. Second Olympics opened in Paris.
Vauxhall Bridge is opened in London?
2. The Vauxhall Bridge is opened in London
Question Author
ta guys x
Question Author
o 4got quest 3 was in 1933 x
1 or is it summer olympics in paris??

do you have 1946 the B is introduced

Question Author
i no looking at summer or second ?
and yes its bikini x
ta for that good luck
The Gestapo, the official Secret Police of Nazi Germany, is established
To be pedantic, the correct answer to 1) is the Second Olympiad opened in Paris. That's how the games are officially referred to.

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