General knowledge, cryptic and anagram quiz

Have tried this on a b before but no answer so trying again please

On it's own sounds like an alphabetical meal ( 9, 6, )
Thanks for any help.
18:22 Sat 14th Feb 2009
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have you got any letter clues galasalmon - had a look at this before and nothing jumped off the screen at me - some letters may help.
I wonder if the answer is an anagram
Question Author
No sorry I haven't . it's not a crossword , it's the save the children quiz and answers are either general knowledge, cryptic or anagrams . I have tried to get it for weeks . Thanks for trying to help.
Question Author
No it's the save the children quiz and answers are general knowledge , anagram or cryptic . Thanks for trying both I have looked at it for weeks and come up with nothing.
Question Author
sorry it has come up twice.

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