cryptic Christmas Quiz

Can anyone help with these few answers I am rackinf my brains.......
5. Movie unsuccessful in Anatolia? (6)
13. Judy hanging around? (7)
19. Cakes for dieting pixies? 5,6
21. Girl joins on when the frinch turn up.9
28. Lead ventures up to two dozen 6
34. Locals have sympathy but lose psychic ability 8
36.Edible decorations gain ascendency in the US 5,5

Also abbreviations of Christmas carols;

Be grateful if anyone can help please.
16:01 Tue 06th Jan 2009
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13 Garland
5 turkey
19 fairy lights
Question Author
Sorry frinch should read French
5 Turkey ?
An unsuccessful movie is a turkey and Anatolia is part of Turkey
sorry, auntflo, didn't refresh...
36 Candy Canes (anag ascendancy)
28 advent
leAD VENTures
Question Author
You're brilliant.

Just numbers 21. and 34. and the christmas carol abbreviations to go. Any ideas anyone??
Question Author
Hi everyone, worked out the carols now so just 21 and 34 to go.
gtiotm= go tell it on the mountain

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