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Can anyone suggest how to search for picture C in question 2?
14:31 Sun 28th Dec 2008
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I suggest you search for pictures of churches in Red Square.
We found this by searching through the picture credits.

We can't find picture b though - any ideas anyone?
Oops naff question and answer, apologies. I'm stuck on that one too.
. . . and how can we type in the answers online to Number 28?
2c) Wales Millennium Centre???
Question Author
Thanks, lesleydokuk - picture D is Red Square, I'm still searching for picture C
2 c: Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

Does anyone know the answer to Question 15 - which of the following cities can Ryanair most accurately be described as flying to?
Answer to 28 - just type in Australia!!
Still looking for photographic evidence of answer to 2C (How many have got Guggenheim in Bilbao - if so - what's the link to the photographic proof you got it from) and I'm thinking London (Greenwich) for Q10 - any confirmation on that? GMT and 0 Longitude? I have the rest.
Chiefpusser useo/el_edificio.php?idioma=en

Look at bottom left photo and enlarge - then look at pointed bit in Quiz, looks the same to me.
Q15 is Rome. Airport only 15 Km from Rome. All other airports over 50 Km from cities they supposedly fly to.
Question Author
Thanks for your link Soolon. That picture confirms it I think!
Can anyone suggest how to search for picture B in question 2?. 2D is St. Basils In Red Square
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