pantomime characters names

all the answers are pantomime characters

1) disaster for a plain girl (8,4)
2) ancient parent with a big issue (3,3,5,3,5,2,1,4)
3) a playful prod from this parent (6,5) (mother goose?)
4) oil (7)
5) he fell from grace in a nasty way (6)
6) parimonious fellow (7)
7) fall off while looking for gold (5,3)
8) regal purity (3,4,5)
9) billy's bones were not buried here (8,8)

any help or clues would be gratefully received. thanks in advance bb
12:47 Sat 06th Dec 2008
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6 scrooge
7 Peter Pan
8 The Snow Queen?
2 The old woman who lived in a shoe
1 Calamity Jane? not very pantomime
1) calamity jane?
5 Sinbad
9 Billy Bones is a character in Treasure Island but you have 8,8 ?
Question Author
typo error sorry should be 8,6. thanks for all the answers and so quick too. they are obvious when they are staring you in the face lol. thanks again

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