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7.30 on Saturday morning and I can't find anything on AB later than Friday night - on any of the Topics! What has happened?
07:34 Sat 17th May 2008
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Same here Dustybun.Gremlins at work again.Site doesn't seem the same any more,very slow at times,and no search facility.We can only hope it improves.
I am waiting for the Telegraph link words. The last item I had before yours was Friday nightat about 10.00
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thanks dusty was just thinking about posting a similar one to yours to see what was going on
thought it might be my computer
glad we seem ok ish
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thank you all for that - I thought I was going potty. Even looked out of the window to see if the world was still there!! It would happen when I was around for the early links!! I think I'll go back to bed and try again later! :0)

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