anagrams christmas carols and songs

help please acrochetedmoiresjoining ( 4 WWORDS ) ACLEARANCESHOESMUST ( 4 words
12:55 Tue 13th Nov 2007
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Second one is Here Comes Santa Claus
first - good christian men rejoice
audrey</b, your quiz is on its way - posted yesterday am.
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hi julieteve and pampers very many thnaks for your quick answers silly me have found another one must need my glasses changed aaccedenighttimemorohuntil ( 6 WORDS ) THANKS GEN2 LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING QUIZ
If there was a P instead of an O it would be
It Came Upon The MIdnight Clear
Question Author
hi squarehead I thought is was it came upon a midnight clear so still doestn fit bu many thanks

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