Lions Quiz

Answers are model or make of car, past or present :-
Harmony (6)
Chief One (7)
Handel This One? (5)
Yarn Winding Reel (5)
Attack From Several Sources (9)
Outstandingly Excellent (6)
Greek Goddess (5)
Shes Very Calm and Unruffled! (6)
A Roman Actors Mask (7)
Receive A Diploma (8)
Vehicle Watch! (8)
Supply with Needs? (6)
"Engrave" as Required (7)
Did You Pass At First Attempt (6)
05:10 Thu 13th Sep 2007
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Harmony - Accord
Greek Goddess - Astra
"Engrave" - Avenger (anag)
Handel - Largo (Nissan)
Please could I ask what the address is for this quiz thanks freebi
Hi freebi, it's the Peterborough Lions Quiz (Car Chaos), �1.00 + SAE, from:

Lion John Cheetham
74 Thorpe Park Road

You've plenty of time as the closing date is not until 27 January 2008.

i think handel may be almira one of the first operas he composed
Greek Goddess--Yaris
Calm and unruffled--Serena
Roman Actors mask-Persona

If you find out the others would you let me know please
did you ( pass at) first attempt - passat
Supply with needs = Equipe

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