Some help please as stuck on the following..... 3C in a F. 76 TL the BP. 30C in a F. 1812 OCBT. 3L in the IOM. 4H of the A. 600C of the LB. 15M on a DMC. 66B in the HB. 24 HFT. 4L on a FLC. 25 of DCD.

Many thanks
23:49 Wed 22nd Aug 2007
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3C in a F. Three coins in a fountain
76 Trombones led the big parade
4L on a FLC. leaves on a four leaved clover
25 of December Christmas day
15 Men on a dead mans chest
600 Chargers of the Light Brigade
66 Books in the Holy Bible
600 Charged in the Light Brigade
24 Hours from Tulsa
3 Legs in the Isle of Man

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
1812 Overture Composed by Tchaikovsky
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Thanks for the help.

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