Sweet and biscuit quiz!

Hi, this is my first post, be gentle with me! ; )

I received a charity quiz sheet a week ago, where there's a clue and the answer will be some sort of confectionary, for example: wobbly infants = jelly babies

I've managed to get the other forty-six(!), but these ones have got me well and truly stumped:

1. Peels off =
2.Mr Wonka's everlasting quest =
3. Club for singles perhaps =
4. Home for alcoholics =

Good luck, and thanks in advance for any help xox
10:05 Sun 05th Nov 2006
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2. Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstoppers
Good Morning Bunny Feet, WELCOME, hope we can
help you and you help us.

Good luck
Hi Bunny Feet, welcome to AB.
1) Peels Off ......Flake ?
3. Do I remember correctly? - Jacobs Club biscuits had one called "Ace" or was it "Ace of Clubs"???
3. Matchmakers
I think 2 is Gobstopper
Question Author
Wow thanx for the warm welcome and all the answers everyone! They're hugely appreciated = )

Q4: my mum says she vaguely remembers something called a 'lush bar'??? Anyone else think this could be it? My best guess was 'Milky Bar', but maybe I'm clutching at straws *lol*

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