Cryptic Film Clues

This is a quiz I came across while on the net, where you have to decipher the cryptic clue to the name of the film. Examples:

Fantastic Dwarves - Magnificent Seven
31st October - Halloween
One who sprints with a Knife - Bladerunner

There are 200 clues in total and i've got over half of them right but i've still got alot unanswered, so if anyone can help me with the clues below I would appreciate the help.

1.Mr Clampett's Optical Device Comes Back
2.The Existence of a Spying Device
3.Nail Italian Dumplings? Oh
4.Environmentally Friendly Distance
6.Pleased He Consumed Her
7.Ms Fitzgerald in Fireplace
8.His Army are Here to Stay!
9.Stunner from the USA
10.Half a Prehistoric Baby Likes Both Men and Women
11.Ill on a Weekend Evening
12.Spotty Dogs on Orwell's Room
13.Lunar Gardener
14.Tall Civilization
15.Metallica, the Bee Gees and Hemingway were all Involved
16.Funeral Directors
17.Locating the Network of European Museum Organizations
18.A Company of Ghouls
19.Californian City in Secret
20.Great Chap
11:17 Mon 23rd Oct 2006
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1 return of the jedi
4 green mile
6 gladiator
8 oliver
12 101 dalmations
13 moonraker
14 high society
17 finding nemo
20 superman

hope these help
15. For Whom The Bell Tolls
2 - A Bugs Life
3 - Pinnochio
5 - Memento
7 - Cinderella
9 - American Beauty
10 - Bambi
11 - Saturday Night Fever
15 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
16 - Men In Black
18 - Monsters Inc
19 - LA Confidential

Would you have the answers to , 73 and 150?

Question Author
Thanks to 'sprid', 'johnalex' & 'gixer6'.

Its much appreciated for all those answers. I still have plenty that I don't have but i'll try and work some out for myself.

Sorry 'gixer6' I don't have the answers to 73 & 150. I'll try and figure them out and let you know if I do.
I'm doing this one too but got here too late to help - can anyone help me with 6, 11, 12, 15. There are others which I am still working on too
Question Author
6 - Notting Hill
11 - You Only Live Twice
12 - City of God
15 - Fight Club
Question Author
Does anyone know the answer to 198?

I've typed 'California' in and it says its almost right. Every film i've thought of with the word 'California' isn't right.

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