Yorkshire Post Crossword

2 Well-handled spectacles (9) L_R_N_ _ _E
3 Composers perfect joy (5) B_I_ _
12 One short poem out of many in the OT (4,2,5) (thought it was an anagram of 'many in the OT' but I have the letters _ _N_,O_, _ _N_S)
13 Optical attachment, it was put back into creel surprisingly (7) R_ _ _ _ _E
19 Refit using some more equipment (2-5) (sorry no letters)
22 German bespectacled abstainer (4) O_T_ (could it be OTTO?)
26 From which one drank at extravaganza? (7) _ _N_ _ _ _
Many thanks in advance!
18:51 Mon 17th Jul 2006
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2 Lorgnette
12 Song of Songs ?
22 Otto
3,Bliss..Sir Arthur Bliss
26 Tankard... Anag drank+at
19 Re-Equip (hidden)
19 re-equip ..in the clue
Otto..TT ..abstainer ..teetotal
bespectacled OO

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