Sunday Mail crossword.

Has anyone else noticed how easy this puzzle has become in recent weeks? It used to be quite a challenge but now I find I complete it in five minutes. They must want loads more people to enter or else someone new is doing it.
18:54 Thu 19th Jan 2006
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Dunno. Can't answer. Give us a clue.

Sorry, but I do the crosswords in The Times, and I think they've got a lot harder in recent months.

Or has it got something to do with my advancing years, I wonder?
the clues are only easy if you know the answer are you talking about the general knowledge one?
Are you sure that it`s the crossword that`s getting easier or you are finding the answers quicker?. A few years ago, it used to take me most of Monday to consult books in the library, but now with Google it`s ready by noon on Sunday.
Question Author
It's the �100 cryptic crossword I meant.
try the Sunday Express in the magazine - much harder and more money to win �1,000.
I have done it every week for years and i haven't noticed any difference. I like it. It's fairer than a lot of other papers.
i am going to change my name geniusx doesn't really suit if it wasn't for all of you helping me i'd be here till next xmas just 1 last one and I'll go to bed102 across thanks in anticipation and a merryxmas to you all
mos 1,365 102 across is it glad bag or grab bag?
does anyone have to answer to 24d
the crux, crucial point

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