15:12 Fri 13th Jan 2006
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Singing in the rain

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third time lucky, in the left hand column there is IW written over the word DERAS and in the right hand column there is IW written over ER with a squiggly e in between the IW and ER the e resembles...
sorry, this dingbat did not come through correctly, it is:- IW IW DERAS ER there is a squiggly e between the IW and ER, similar to the symbol for epsilon, the answer has something to do with christmas...
hello, could anyone help with the following festive dingbats please:- [1] EFLORENTS [2] ORIENTAL ORION IW [3] IW DERAS ER in dingbat 3 there is a small squiggly e between the IW and ER which is...
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Can anyone help solve this dingbat? TOFFE TOFEE TOPHY TOPHIE...
SUIT CASE The it in suit and the s in case are in bold 2 words thanks...
EXIT above LEG exit clear leg black

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