Sunday Times Travel Quiz 18/12/05

Hi - Can anyone help me with Q9 & Q10 please.
Q9 = What did Richard Halliburton cross the Panama Canal in?
Q10 = I am not a number, I'm a free man. Name these places of detainment:
a) 33.46S 18.20E
b) 37.50N 122.25W
c) 43.08S147.50E

17:01 Wed 28th Dec 2005
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Q10- The Prisoner. TV series.
I'm afraid the rest of this answer invilves map-reading.
Possibly even involves.

a) Robben Island

b) Alcatraz

c) Not sure but is in Australia we think

Qu 9 was answered before as:
"He swam across" so the answer is swimming trunks.

Qu 10 was answered before
(a) Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was held)
(b) Alcatraz
(c) Botany Bay

For (a), Robben Island looks more like 32.5S to me. Dassen Island is closer to the co-ordinates given, and is a place of confinement for penguins.
Halliburton actually swam the length of the Panama Canal in 8 days.
Question Author
Thanks for all your help - first time for me to use this site!!
I wouldn't know about that Salty. It is too far north for a gentoo.

Q9 Is the SS Halliburton as the locks in the canals would only be filled for vessels, hence naming himself the SS.

See: (grey panel on right hand side)

Q10 a) Robben Island b) Alcatraz and c) Port Arthur (Tasmania).

Good luck everybody.

Robben Island is correct I think:

is only a second or two out.

It's Port Arthur, not Botany Bay. Just google the coordinates, dead on.

Go to People & Places. Question- Who is Richard Halliburton, 2nd link.

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