What's The Missing Link?

Eg. Gold, finger, pond = fish....goldfish, fish finger, fishpond what are? 1)Stool, gain, rack = 2) green, fly, boat=. 3) magic, bag, beater =. 4) list, ice, fire= 5) fire, reader, fool=6) apparatus, heavy, space=7) day, coffee, dance= 8) dies, over, down = 9) right, photo, typist=
20:13 Thu 05th Dec 2013
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1 bar
7 break
9 copy
2 - house
9 copy
3 carpet
3 carpet
5 - proof
Bucket (4)
4 black
4 bucket
6 - breathing
6. Breathing
8. Cast?
8 - tie
Question Author
Thanks everyone for your help just need 1 & 2 then done
Factor answered 1 as bar ^^

I answered 2 as house ^^

1 to 17 of 17

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