Desserts And Cakes

All help very much appreciated
2) Hairstyle from south-west London (7,3)
9) The North Pole turns (6,4)
11) The background noise breaks into pieces (7,7)
17) Strangely grouty food (6)
21) Could be a drinking game (6,4)
24) Hard cheddar (10)
26) Hope you're not as nutty as this (5,4)
31) We won't go until we get some (5,7)
22:33 Sun 20th Jan 2013
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17 yogurt
26 fruit cake
26)fruit cake
31) figgy pudding
31 figgy pudding
31. Figgy Pudding.
11) rhubarb crumble
9 arctic roll
2 Chelsea bun
Question Author
Thank you frugalfred and ljdksa.
24 cheesecake
you're welcome
Brandy snap
Question Author
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your help. Just 21 and 24 to go. Thought 21 might could be Brandy Snap.
Question Author
Thanks again everyone.
21 Brandy snap
24 Cheesecake

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