Cryptic Christmas

time running out so any help will be greatly appreciated
1) countdown to the special day
2) happy Leslie Phillips on top of a mountain
3) Whoa there, no more fighting
4)clean up?
5) he leads the way
6) presented to the winner
7)a song for 1919or 1945
thanks to anyone who can assist!!
18:33 Thu 13th Dec 2012
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1) advent calendar
2) something to do with Ding dong?
7. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
6) gold
5) Rudoph the red-nosed reindeer
ding dong merrily on high?
Ding dong, sibton- you've got it
5. Star?
are all the answers song titles? 'cos that would (probably) rule out my answer for 1
1 christmas carol (vorderman )
3 horsing about?
Question Author
don't appear to be all song titles to me but all connected in some way, thanks for asking bibblebub

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