Cryptic dog

The answer is a dog - possibly a breed or could be a fictional dog, or cartoon dog...
Clue is "Dog whistling? No just the opposite" (5)

Have seen DHOLE suggested for the answer but I'm not 100% sure.

If anyone has any better suggestions? Thanks!
18:34 Sun 18th Nov 2012
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This quiz only finishes on Jan. 31st its already being spoiled on the Crossword Clue Solver Site. Its a really good quiz its a pity to spoil it.
Rush rush always a rush, is a shame.
Yes it IS a shame chorley9, particularly as there is still so much time left to solve it.

Closing date is not until January 31st 2013.

Quizzes are available . B Y . P O S T . for just £1 each + SAE
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