Pick me up issue 47

Need a bit of help with last 3 please. 23a (7) fitting punishment ?u?????
14d (10) Lack of legal,physical or intellectual power I?c?t???s?
20d (3,3) variety of outdoor bath o???o?.
08:51 Sun 18th Nov 2012
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hot tub
That should say HOT TUB? as I know it doesn't match your letters for this crossword
14d) incapacity ? if several letters wrong
Question Author
Thanks that means I have 3 wrong . These are
Unhealthy (3,2,5) o?t???h?p?
Fitting punishment (7) ?u?t?c?
Having private facilities (2,5) ?n?u?t?
out of shape
en suite
Question Author
Thanks everyone

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