1st name and surname begin with same letter

20.one of the 1st female bbc announcers(4,7) 84. stubbornly resolute pop singer?(4,3) 93. leading jockey in 1950s (5,6). 5. famous pottery painter(7,5). thank you
13:45 Fri 28th Sep 2012
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5 Clarice Cliff
20.Mary Malcolm
84.Adam Ant
84 Adam Ant?
84 Adam Ant
93 Manny Mercer
Manny Mercer ?
Another ABer not mentioning the quiz by name.

Lions Peterborough - closing date 13th January 2013!
QuizmasterG, if I know the closing date is several months off I don't give help. I know the setters want to make as much money as possible but I think two months is long enough to finish a quiz ( clues could be asked for near the closing date) There's been a lot of discussion about this-it's a thorny subject.
I wonder if it is done deliberately in the hope that no one will notice?

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