colossus stinker 82

few to do -help appreciated
29a post-cauterization scab (6) E?C?A?
60a Roman spirits of the departed (5) MAN?S
26d barb on feather (5) RA?US
107a gambling club (7) ?P?E?O?
68d mexican strolling musicians (8,4) MA?I?C??
110a spells (5) ZE?ES
181d speak glowingly (6) E??U?E
17:52 Fri 03rd Aug 2012
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26 ramus
181 effuse
60 manes
110 Hexes?
68 Mariachi (these are all really easy to Google, btw)
why answer then?
Because I'm finding out the answers for myself, too, mamya - I always like to learn new words!
Ok , it just sounded critical.
29 Eschar
29a) eschar
26d) ramus
Question Author
many thanks
68d is mariachi
68d is mariachi hope this helps. I am still doing the crossword if I can help you later I will.

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