RT 14

Morning all,

I need help please with Radio Times Prize Crossword 14/2012.

9a Manage to be straight (6) ? I ? A ? ?
10d Cistercian has corner with most pink alterations (8,4) ? ? A ? ? ? ? ?, M ? N ?
18a Admitted for treatment to hip, so details need to be circulated (12)
S ? ? ? I ? A ? I ? E ?

Any help would be gratefully received,
11:59 Wed 28th Mar 2012
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9a] direct?
18a hospitalised (anagram)
18a] hospitalised
Trappist monk
Question Author
Thanks to cupid04, bulliver and mamyalynne for the speedy answers, great cheers
Trappist Monk
Direct; Trappist monk; hospitalised
9a Direct
18a Hospitalised

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