1. By the way, Rose ordered the supplies (6) -t---s
2. The smell of a coin, say (5) -o-n- POUND?
3. Nobleman keeps nothing in the building (5) -a---
4. Anxiety about the argument over the line (5)
18:59 Sun 25th Mar 2012
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st ores
3 baron
4 worry
3 baron
Question Author
Thanks all, any ideas for clue 2. the smell of a coin?
I have heard (pounding smell) before. but not sure ?
Smell of a coin say should be SCENT. Have you a mistake in there?
Question Author
sounds like it Spotty Dog, which means other clue would be
Changing-room has capacity to ring an African country (7) -o-o-c-
I thought it was Comoros?
Question Author
Got it now, should be Morocco

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