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has anyone got any news on the fundraising quizzes site ,really getting withdrawal symptoms now ??
thank you
08:37 Fri 20th Jan 2012
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Is it this site below, about which there has been a long thread?
The folk who run the website keep an eye on the website below for developments

At present it reads
"As you are most likely aware, we've had some issues with our hosting and domain accounts and during which has caused us a complete data loss of our existing site and database, in an effort to recover from this we are pushing development of our new site to roll out very soon and are now using our own servers hosted at our location.
Please keep an eye on this page for updates on the situation. We apologise for the problems this has caused and hope to have everything working again soon!"
Apologies for error should have read
The folk who run the website have asked people to keep an eye on the website below for developments
There's another thread here which you may want to read
Question Author
thank you for your time and help
Hope this valuable site reappears very soon. Does anyone have further news?

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