famous people

Already posted 1 list and had everything answered :)
I've had quiz sheet for a couple months but really struggling with the last few and the deadline's looming :(

The answers are all famous people either the surname or the name they are know by.

1) certainly spoil icon (7)
2) certainly a top job, but less common nowadays (8)
3) Only one dancer and without the six pack (11)
4) Emperor about 51 taking parts of Gaul (8)
5) Offspring of little William? (6) - is Wilson too obvious?
6) Loose woman goes east (8)

Many many thanks in advance!!
09:52 Mon 16th Jan 2012
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4. Caligula
6. Trollope
6 Trollop-e
1 Marconi
Question Author
thank you!! :)
3. Chippendale ??
Question Author
how do you get that please gingiecat? I was trying to put something with ballerina and take abs away?
The Chippendales are male dancers / strippers
Question Author
didnt get the connection with the clue - 'without the 6 pack' thanks

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