famous people

The answers are all famous people either the surname or the name they are know by.
1)once regal musician (5)
2) original rocket man (10)
3) keep the door open thus? There's a little bit missing. (8)
4) a second rate den (5)
5) gold gun (6)
6) can he run madly (5)
7)queen leaves railway sleeper to be destroyed (7)

Not doing very well with these
Many thanks in advance :)
08:27 Mon 16th Jan 2012
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2) Stephenson ('Rocket' train)
7) Presley = anagram of ry+sleep(er)
6) Nehru = anagram of he+run
5 (Jane) Austen - 'au' (gold) + 'sten' (gun)
4 (Tony) Blair - 'b' (second rate) + 'lair' (den)
4) Blair
1 Elgar?
3 Wedgwood
Question Author
how do you get wedgewood please bibblebub
wedg(e) wood
there's no E in the middle -that's the little bit that's missing
Question Author
brilliant thank you!!

1 to 12 of 12

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