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the answers all relate to dogs with a geographical aspect - just stuck on the last few
1) seen when i chaired a legal committee (8)
2) pensioner marching round, no, I left (6,8)
3) compatriot of Fabio may quickly rotate single (7,7)
4) Found in good outback country (5)
5) Le "food" pour chien? Oui? Non! (6,6)
6) Fred Blogg's at lunch, not stag though (6,7)

Pretty sure no 2 is german something and no 3 is italian something. Number 4 I keep coming back to dingo but I have that for another clue 'Dhole on the move loses nothing when I arrive'
Many thanks in advance!!
09:54 Sat 14th Jan 2012
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anagram of 'pensioner marching ' withoit the NOI
3 Italian Spinone
5 French Poodle

anagram of 'Le "food" pour chien' without OUI
6) French Bulldog = anagram of 'fred blog(gs at) lunch'

FounD IN GOod
Question Author
brilliant thank you, so I must have the other wrong - any ideas?
Dhole on the move loses nothing when I arrive (5)

'Dhole on the move loses nothing when I arrive'
'on the move' would suggest an anagram
'loses nothing' would suggest without the 'O'
'I arrive' would suggest including 'I'

That leaves an anagram of DHLEI = DELHI
but I've not heard of such a dog.
Question Author
me neither :(

So still stuck on that one and the first and I've just found one where i've got half an answer??
Delia's team make mistake in layer (7,7)
Any help would be much appreciated
Something 'terrier' - err in tier
Norwich Terrier then if its Delia's team
Question Author
thank you all!
especially gen2

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