months named after real people?

How many months are named after real people? (not Numbers, Gods or Festivals)

Many thanks
21:36 Wed 11th Jan 2012
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July and August - Julius Augustus? Don't know about any others

July - Julius Caesar
August - Augustus Caesar
June - June Whitfield?
And what about Mae West?
Juno wasn't it?
Oh I see. very funny :-)
Avril Lavigne - if you are French (well if you can't beat them...)
Bruno Mars ?

<I'll get me coat>
The first 6 months are named after Gods
The only ones named after real people are July and August.
What about Jan Leeming?
Julio Iglesias
Dec from Ant and Dec?
Double squarebear - Octobear !
the march hare...
No it was James May
Poor silliemillie.

Answerbanks at their silliest? ;o)
To be fair the real answers are in there...
I wasn't complaining Rowan, just making a play on silliemillie's user name :o)
I know lottie not something I'd choose if I wanted to be taken seriously

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