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Hi everyone,Please can you help me with these five clues,all the answers contain a day of the week or a month.
17 Purley Pair {5,3,4}
80 1 and a half miles over the town moor {8,8}
85 Napolean111 {3,2}
88 They've hymned January and June this year {3,12}
93 Sandy {3,2,4,6,4}
13:57 Tue 10th Jan 2012
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Thanks TOMM033, much appreciated.
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I think 'Terry and June" could be the Purley Pair.
80. November Handicap
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Thanks TOMM033, much appreciated.
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Thanks wiggers99,much appreciated,still tearing my hair out over the other3.
Is 85 definitely 3,2? Coukd be Mon something.
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sorry TOMM033 85 should be {3,2,8}
85 May to December ?
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Thanks Mazie I think you could be right.

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