did she have this with some mint sauce?

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bwbsaralee | 15:50 Thu 01st Dec 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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the answer is a nursery rhyme, the obvious answer is 'mary had a little lamb' but we've already got that answer for the question -'leading citizen with second vowel owned an unweaned sheep'
please help!
many thanks in advance


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Mayor = leading citizen (Mary is in there without the 2nd vowel o)
Unweaned sheep = lamb
sounds like they've boo booed and put two answers the same.
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thats what I was thinking squarebear thanks
Little Bo Peep ?
can only think of Ba Ba Black sheep, etc
Little Bo peep sounds good.
Did the forst clue say WITH second vowel or WITHOUT second vowel
Forget that- Mary is much better as an answer than Little Bo Peep
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the first question was 'leading citizen with second vowel owned an unweaned sheep'
the second question was 'did she have this with some mint sauce?'
and I have baa baa blacksheep as an answer to 'hair cutter, disgraced family member'
'leading citizen with second vowel' = Mayor+e (sounds like 'mary)
'owned' = had
'an unweaned sheep' = a little lamb

so the same answer for two different questions...

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did she have this with some mint sauce?

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