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Is anyone else still having trouble with the backbutton function? I have Firefox, which is supposed to automatically updatye itself when the computer restarts, to solve the problem, but this still isn't working on the ABsite.
11:26 Tue 22nd Nov 2011
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The back button is working for me today on GoogleChrome and IE9
It still doesn't work for me. I'm using I.E.8. Looks like it's still down for all users.
Oh. No it doesn't.
This is the only site mine won't work on - thought it was my pc...
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Can't find that either methyl.Now completely confused with IE8S & IE9S, Google Chrome etc. which don't refer to my computer. Haven't read about a Firefox user who can operate the button yet!
er what does it say just above the AB logo?
no probs with my Firefox but I do have adblock running
nothing on my screen above the logo, craft, maybe it is considered advertising
My back button doesnt work and i use firefox.
mine works if i press it quickly 5 or 6 times

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