Peterborough Lions Money Quiz

How much is the Devon water? 10
A USA Casual shoe 5,6
Unexpected cash, obtained without effort 7,4,6
Terms to describe a very good investment 4,4
What is the term for a coin made with a fault?
06:12 Sun 18th Sep 2011
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no. 4 blue chip
no 3 pennies from heaven
Question Author
Thank you RSVP I am obliged
5. How many letters? mule brockage upset
Question Author
Mac44 question 5 has 4 letters
no 1 might be something Loafer?
i think that would be Penny Loafer, a sort of Eureka moment.
Question Author
thankyou em10
you're welcome.
Gosh do you really need to ask for answers on this quiz so soon ? It does not close until January 17th next year
Question Author
I am going away for the winter on 30th September so yes I do
And they have no postal service where you are going ???
Very good investment = Gilt Edge

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